Derek Hoffend | Wave Studies, V2.0
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About This Project

Wave Studies, V2.0

June 2017

Size: 25” x 5 ½” x 18 ½”

Materials: RGB LEDs, Sound Recording, Audio Equipment, Electronics, Acrylic, Wood


The Wave Studies series are wall-mountable pieces that combine sound recordings with colored light patterns. Conceived as color and sound-baths, they are inspired by theories found in sound and color healing as well as chakra tuning and balancing. Wave Studies, V2.0 focuses on colors transitioning between blue, green, and yellow. It’s shape and size are designed to immerse the eyes, ears, and head for color and stereo sound immersion while facing the work within a distance of a few feet.


The sounds are composed of layered synthesized drones whose tonal and frequency shifts are designed to synchronize with the slowly fading color and light cycles. I designed the sounds specifically focusing on the use modular synthesizers, creating timbres that I felt intuitively complemented the colors and fade speeds of the lights.


This work explores cyclical audio-visual stimuli with the intention to create an immersive and therapeutic experience that can help induce calmness and relaxation, facilitate anxiety reduction, illicit shifts in attention, assist in trance-like states, calm the nervous system, smooth or tune brainwaves, and assist feelings of well-being.