Derek Hoffend | tech.table
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About This Project


September, 2002

Size: 4′ x 3′ x 3.5′

Materials: Sound, Animation, Electronics, Computer, Wood, Acrylic, Audio/Visual Hardware


tech.table is an interactive furniture object.  Sounds emanating from the table via transducers are filtered loops of record static, and the projection onto the table is an animated particle field designed by Allison Kudla.  Real-time manipulation of the sounds and visuals occurs by interacting with sensors at each side of the table.  The sensors emit electro-magnetic fields that sense the proximity of a person approaching the surface, similar to a Theremin.  Combinations of people at different sides of the table produce different layers of sounds and visual effects.  Using the programs Max/MSP and Director, and sensor to computer control, the table explores a reinterpretation of a typical domestic object and a fusion of analog world with the digital.