Derek Hoffend | Untitled Arrangement for Steel and Feedback II
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About This Project

Untitled Arrangement for Steel and Feedback II

November, 2000

Size: 10′ x 12′ x 9′ installation room

Materials: Sound, Steel, Speakers, Contact Microphones, Audio Hardware


Untitled Arrangement for Steel and Feedback II is a sound-sculpture installation of resonating steel plates with audio feedback. Each hanging steel plate has a contact microphone attached that amplifies ambient noise and plays it back through a speaker attached near the surface of the plate. A feedback loop builds until the steel resonates, creating a fluctuating plateau. Using no pre-recorded audio, the drone is self-sustaining, starting when the piece is turned on and only ending when it is switched off. A fusion of mediums, between object and sound, it is a sensitive, immersive instrument system.