April 2012 - April 2013: Size: 11' x 9' x 10'
- Medium/Materials: Steel, Sound, Speakers, Wood, Fabric, RGB LED Spotlights, Computer and Amplification Gear

Sonotron is a sound-sculpture and light installation based on audio immersion, sacred geometry, and therapeutics, wherein viewers can enter the piece and be bathed in frequencies.

The physical form is a merged icosohedron and dodecahedron frame, with brackets of welded and finished steel. 12 channels of audio are fed to 10 speakers that surround the viewer, and 2 bass-transducers in the platform, creating a unique surround-sound environment. Sine-wave frequencies based on harmonic relationships are rotated from speaker to speaker in real-time with randomized motion and velocity, creating a cumulative plateau of drones that is constantly evolving and modulating while maintaining a consistent harmonic structure. The 2 bass-transducers transmit low-frequency vibrations and are mounted underneath the platform-bed that is inside the larger geometric form. Viewers can sit or lay down in repose, allowing deeper frequencies to be felt directly in the the body. This tactile experience of sound in the body as well as the ears helps unite the viewer with the frequencies and the overall form of the structure.

Therapeutically, the sounds are designed to have positive effects on the viewer with various frequencies being associated with achieving clarity, awareness, balance, and a sense of wellbeing, as well as relaxation and the relief of anxiety and pain. The geometric form itself is based on the study, practice, and application of sacred-geometry energetic principles, anchoring unique and powerful vibrational energies that have restorative, rejuvenating, and cleansing properties and also assist with higher states of consciousness and physical-plane manifestation of intentions. In regard to these elements, it is the artist's intention that this work functions as a bridge between physical and spiritual phenomena, as well as to encourage a form or interaction that is rooted in active receiving and absorption.