Derek Hoffend

Artist Statement

I'm a visual and audio artist who creates sound-sculpture installations and electro-acoustic music. My artwork is characterized by installations that combine sculptural forms with sound and interactive experiences. Installations explore sound as a medium intersecting with physical forms, structures, bodies, light, and spaces to create immersive or participatory experiences for viewers, and employ elements of sonic, electronic, and physical media.

I'm fascinated by the expression of sound and how it interacts with and transforms the things and places around and inside us, and I have an ongoing interest in emphasizing relationships between sensory phenomena and sensation. Recent work adds a therapeutic focus as informed by studies in sound-healing, vibro-acoustics, sacred geometry, and energy-work.

I also maintain an active music practice, recording and performing electronic music under the moniker Aether Chroma as well as my own name, and working within the Mobius Quartet as an electro-acoustic improviser. Live solo performances often traverse immersive, evolving, textural soundscapes, working extensively with synthesis and software such as Max/MSP, as well as hand-made circuits, field-recordings, and modified electronic and acoustic instruments.

I am currently finishing up my second Aether Chroma release, due to release during winter 2015. The first Aether Chroma album called Supernalia was released in 2011 and is currently available at: